What Kind of novel is Rhonda?

Rhonda is a young adult fantasy/adventure/romance/mystery novel. (Whew! Say that a few times.)

I’ve always wished novelists writing a Hero’s Journey would focus on the romance just a tad more. Not too much more, but enough to push it into a more important part of the novel. Even if they’re out saving the world, people still have and want relationships. Buffy: The Vampire Slayer epitomized this for me.

I also enjoy plots that are both plot and character driven, rather than leaning too much on one or the other. That’s what I try to write.

What Kind of Reader Will Enjoy Rhonda?

If you like fantasy that forces characters to solve their own problems where the magic may just make it more complicated rather than easier, where the romance is brought more into the limelight while still playing friendly with a strong plot, where the character’s choices are hard and the results are sometimes hard to live with, then you might enjoy my work.