Rhonda CoverWhat if you could fly?

Between her red hair, a do-nothing mother, and the ability to get into the worst trouble imaginable, Rhonda has always been the outsider in her hometown. When one of the infamous Skyborn, people with the ability to fly, shows up, Rhonda tries to make friends with her. But just when their friendship starts to bloom, Rhonda is thrown out of her home and forced to run.

Now Rhonda has to make a new life with more suspicion at her back than ever, and defeat a plot that might cost her everything, all while struggling to learn to fly as the Skyborn do. To top it all off, she has another problem: She may be falling in love.

Rhonda is my upcoming young adult fantasy novel. I’ve been working on it over a year and it’s almost ready. I’m very excited and I hope you’ll join me once it’s made available.

What Kind of Novel is Rhonda?

Rhonda is a young adult fantasy/adventure/romance novel.

I’ve always wished novelists writing a Hero’s Journey would focus on the romance just a tad more. Not too much more, but enough to push it into a more important part of the novel. Even if they’re out saving the world, people still have and want relationships. Buffy: The Vampire Slayer epitomized this for me.

What Kind of Reader Will Enjoy Rhonda?

Let’s not go over things like a strong narrative or strong characters. Everyone likes those things in fiction. They’re not always present in some fiction, but in the good books, it’s always there.

That said, if you like fantasy that forces characters to solve their own problems where the magic may just make it more complicated rather than easier, where the romance is brought more into the limelight while still playing friendly with a strong plot, where the character’s choices are hard and the results are sometimes hard to live with, then you might enjoy my work.

If you like Harry Potter, Buffy, or Avatar: The Last Airbender, I’d say that you’re exactly the kind of person who might enjoy Rhonda.